Phase IV

Graycliff's 8.5 acres of historic landscape are as important historically as its buildings.  Recognized nationally by the Cultural Landscape Foundation for its work to restore and preserve Graycliff's historic landscape, the Conservancy has completed Phase I, the most difficult phase of landscape restoration.  Graycliff's landscape was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in his own hand, with additions by Ellen Biddle Shipman, one of the originators of the Arts & Crafts-style garden.  

This phase of restoration includes: removal of the bridge to the stairtower for preservation (and  re-installation at a later date); restoration of the irregularly shaped pool and fountain designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; removal of a non-historic asphalt drive and circle; installation of a tinted concrete drive and circle with exposed aggregate, mimicking the original tinted crushed shale as Wright had specified (use of concrete for the safety of buildings and public);  removal of non-historic trees and careful preservation of historic trees; re-grading and replanting to the year of significance, mid 1931.

Graycliff undertook this phase of restoration with support from: the State of New York, the County of Erie, The Phyllis W. Pierce Charitable Remainder Trust,  the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, The Saperston Companies, the Western New York Foundation, the East Hill Foundation, Schichtel Nurseries, the Balbach Family Foundation, the Simple Gifts Fund, the Cameron Brown Fund, and individual members and donors to Graycliff.