Date February 27, 2014
Time 6:00 pm
Location Walter V. Davidson House

Our gifts can last beyond our lifetimes.  
One way to do so is through Graycliff's Isabelle R. Martin Society.

On Thursday, February 27th, members of the Isabelle R. Martin Society will gather for a special reception at the Walter V. Davidson House, a privately owned residence designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Anyone can leave a legacy as a member of the Isabelle R. Martin Society. Meaningful donations can come from anyone, not just the very wealthy, and in any size. Members of the Society, regardless of means, include a charitable request to Graycliff when they draw up a will.

As a member of the Society, your gift made through estate planning will allow you to join a select group of individuals who are committed to helping the Graycliff Conservancy preserve and restore the Graycliff Estate through the years to come.

If you wish to become a member
and join us for this very special evening,
please e-mail: Graycliff for details.